To grant everyone happiness in the campsite, we ask you to respect others as well as to follow this rules:

  • Inside the campsite food and drinks are allowed.
  • It’s not allowed to enter the out-door campsite area with any kind of vehicle.
  • To enter to the campsite area you need to have purchased the ticket previously.
  • Caravan and autocaravan need to have a ticket for every single person inside the vehicle.
  • It’s not allowed to enter inside the out-door campsite area with objects that the organization may consider dangerous, irritating or unpleasant for the rest of the attendants.
  • Please avoid, as much as possible, glass containers.
  • You must use garbage.
  • Peddling (food, drinks, tickets, merchandising, etc …) is not allowed.
  • For safety reasons it’s absolutely forbidden to build a fire of any kind (using camping gas, candles…)
  • The Festival Organization is not responsible for any burglary, theft, damage or other criminal action that may arise within the campground or other places authorized by the Festival.
  • Please, have a civic behaviour within the campsite.
  • Generators and stereos are not allowed.
  • The campsite will organize the people in order of arrival.
  • Each tent can only take up the space marked by the staff. It’s expressly prohibited to sleep on the corridors.
  • It won’t be possible to make place reservations to late arriving friends.If you wanna sleep close to a group, you must arrive at the same time.
  • Attendees are required to respect the rules and do not disturb the rest of people.
  • The organization has all the right to expel anyone doing annoying, unhealthy, noxious, dangerous or illegal activities.
  • In case of doubt the Security Guard at the entrance of the campsite has the last word.
  • The staff of Rock Fest Barcelona can add more rules without previous advise.

This out-door campsite area will be the place where you can rest , so you have to take care of it and be respectful with the nature.