They need no introduction. They invented heavy metal, they invented electric guitar, they invented the wheel…and they made parody metal cool in Spain before anyone else. There is no doubt that GIGATRON are one of the coolest cult phenomenons in spanish heavy metal. Passed from father to son thanks to TDK 60’ Chrome cassette tapes and thrown into massive stardom by the advent of the internet and music downloads, GIGATRON went viral before the word was actually invented. Their tours of northern Congo, their 27 sold out shows in a row at Long Beach Arena, their acclaimed 2005 reunion, their acoustic tours in dives and holes all around the country to be closer to their fans and specially Charly Glamour’s unmatchable charisma have made GIGATRON the most successful, intractable and better smelling heavy metal band in our country. At Rock Fest Barcelona we don’t we’re worthy, but we are privileged to have them with us.