From Glasgow, GUN is one of the bands that best encapsule what hard rock was in the UK back in the early 90’s. Their 1989 debut effort “Taking on the World” took the world by surprise as much as their support slot with the Rolling Stones the following year. Similar guest spots with giants like Def Leppard and Bon Jovi followed. Massive success came with “Swagger” and their cover of the song “Word Up!” in 1994, but not even that could avoid a band splitting in 1997.
They came back in 2008 with new singer Toby Jepsen and then bassist Dante Gizzi took the spot to finish giving shape to the new GUN. Records like “Frantic” and “Favourite Pleasures” have kept the band busy and interesting and their level of energy on stage is still enough to light up a small city.