Michael Monroe

After the break-up of finnish rock heroes HANOI ROCKS in the second half of the 80’s, their singer and leader Michael Monroe kickstarted a solo career that saw him release cult records such as “Nights are so Long” and “Rock Like Fuck”. After experimenting with bands such as Demolition 23 and Jerusalem Slim -the first one generating a cult record that was produced by none other that Little Steven- Monroe got back to his solo stuff before reuniting with old friend Andy McCoy and bringing Hanoi Rocks back to life. After the second break up, Monroe put together a firm solo band that gave us three excellent hard-punk-rock records with the unmatchable melodic-but-harsh style of this finnish artist.
His most recent effort “Blackout States” was released in 2015 and Monroe will play some of the newer songs along with his bonafide classics for the first time ever at Rock Fest Barcelona. A high energy spectacular show that you must NOT miss.