It’s been a lot of years since STRYPER last played Spain. The wait will be over with an exclusive show at Rock Fest Barcelona 2018, where brothers Michael and Robert Sweet, together with wizard guitar player Oz Fox and the new bass player Perry Richardson will give a show to remember full of their 80’s hits.
Their new record, “God Damn Evil” shows a band that is totally in tune with the times in 2018 without forgetting the roots of their success. The christian heavy metal of these californians has always marked the difference in a hard rock scene often plagued by cliches. After a thirty-five year spanning careeer, the band keeps sending a message about their beliefs with the most rabid heavy metal and hard rock, the biggest arena-rock choruses and the best guitar solos.
We don’t know if they will still throw bibles to the audience, but it will certainly be one of the most waited for shows at Rock Fest Barcelona.