Uriah Heep

To situate ourselves, we must remember that in exactly one year, British classic rock powerhouse URIAH HEEP will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their career. Mick Box, their long-standing band leader, has been there since the begginning, through the highs and the lows, surviving the exit of legendary musicians such as Ken Henseley, David Byron and Lee Kerslake. The Uriah Heep of 2018 are a machine that can’t be matched live. Veteran members Phil Lanzon (keyboards) and Bernie Shaw (vocals) have been playing with Box since the mid-80’s. The more recent Russell Gilbrook (drums) and Davey Rimmer (bass) have helped to keep the legacy alive, one of the most prolific in the history of rock and roll. Anyone knows records such as “Abominog”, “Return to Fantasy”, “Very ‘Eavy…Very ‘Umble”,, “Sonic Origami” and even the more recent “Wake the Sleeper” and “Into the Wild”. A masterclass in classic rock that we will enjoy exclusively at Rock Fest Barcelona.