For years, they were the hard rock answer to the legend Joan Jett’s RUNAWAYS. VIXEN are a legend in itself now and the way they paved their way in a male dominant hard rock world as the mid 80’s was was a lesson for a whole generation of upcoming female rockers that have since turned around this scene and enriched it. Tough and charming at the same time, their anthems are still in our subconscious thanks to the never ending rotation their songs had on MTV. Hits such as “Edge of a Broken Heart”, “Cryin’” and “Love is a Killer· are pure history of 80’s hard rock and a reminder of a golden era that will hardly come back. With most of their classic line-up still in place and led by Janet Gardner and Roxy Petrucci, VIXEN will be one of the most awaited bands at Rock Fest Barcelona.