If you are interested in coming the three days of the Festival, there is available one 3 day ticket. There are also available individual tickets to assist only one day (friday, saturday or sunday).

You can check all the information about tickets here.

Tickets and passes will be exchanged for wristbands at the ticket office, with these wristbands you will be able to enter and exit the festival whenever you want.

It is required to wear the wristband during the festival and you’ll have to show it to our security staff whenever they ask you to.

Do not remove it at any time. We don’t replace it. If you lose it or damage it, you will lose the access to the festival.

There are no discounts.

It is not allowed to return the ticket once it is acquired.



If you have purchased your ticket online at Ticketmaster, you can retrieve your tickets directly at the box office, unless  you haven’t collect them from an authorised  Ticketmaster sales point.  So there is no need to ask for delivery to your house and pay that cost. Just make sure you check the option “Ticket Center Collection” . Do not forget to bring your ID card/ Passport and reference number to pick up your tickets.

If you have purchased full colour 3 day tickets through  RocknRock,   you’ll have received a confirmation email that will be required for the pickup, which will be at the tickets offices during the festival. You must show your ID card, driving license or passport along with the confirmation email to pickup your color ticket, which will only be delivered to the cardholder.

A signed authorization from the cardholder and a photocopy of his ID card will be required in case whoever who’s not the cardholder comes to the pickup.



It’s not necessary for children under 12 to buy a ticket.

Teens under 16 Years old are allowed to enter, but need to be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or with a recognised adult over 18 Years who will be responsible for the under-age during the Festival and will have to complete and submit a “Responsibility sheet” at the box office before entering the festival.

Do not forget to bring with you the documentation (ID or passport) and children under 16 (under-age’s ID or family book). At any time both the companion and the under-age, must bring their ID card / passport, if it’s required by the organisation staff.

Due to the music volume inside the festival, organizers recommend children to waer hearing protections (earplugs, earmuffs…). The organization is not responsible for damaging.



There will  be a free t-shirt for all kids under 12, so they can wear rock from an early age.

You will find all the information about how collect t-shirts and the conditions here.




It is not allowed to access the concert area with food or drinks, except for water bottles without a cap up to 1,5 L. Within the enclosure there will be food and drink stands.



The Festival offers public health care points. Please do not hesitate to go if you need help.



The festival organizers provide facilities for people who require special attention. Inside the festival you will find an enabled area where you can see the shows. You will also have special toilets.

If you need to access  this area you must present a certificate of disability or a medical certificate.



It is not allowed to enter the Festival with any kind of object that is considered dangerous, such as bottles, cans or any kind of container, glassware, knives, laser pointers, sprays, etc. You can leave these objects considered dangerous or not permitted at the luggage service.



All lost objects during the festival will be delivered to the cloakroom. Once the festival finishes all these objects will be moved to the local police.



In our website’s Trips section you can find several organized buses from different cities.



At the Festival there is available a luggage service.



You can’t bring your pets under any circumstances.