Press area


You can download the latest version of the Rock Fest Barcelona poster here.


Press accreditations

The deadline for requesting accreditation process has ended on June 11th.



  • Applications admission deadline will be on Monday 11 th June. After this date we will not accept any press requests.
  • Only press media which have published previously information about the festival will be admitted.
  • We will not accept freelance journalists. All journalists need a press media behind them to request a press accreditation.
  • As the number of photographers allowed by Bands and the Organization of Rock Fest Barcelona is limited, we will provide quality photos to your journalists if need it.
  • The press accreditations allows you to attend all concerts at Rock Fest Barcelona 2017, always subject to band’s restrictions.
  • There will not be accreditations for press cars.
  • We can confirm the request by email only until the same week of the Festival.
  • To pick up the press accreditation in the timing proposed by the Organization it will be necessary to show valid ID.


  • Only one writer for media
  • Only one photographer for printed publications medias only. For digital press we will study each request individually.
  • For TV’s Medias: 1 editor, 1 camera or /and camera assistant.

Otherwise, the request will be denied automatically.

Thanks for your cooperation!